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5 Reasons Why Virtual Education Events Are the Way of the Future

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Take your student recruitment to the next level with the tailored technology and education event professionals.

At Advent Group, we are proud to have the market-leading online platform and dedicated team that enable us to deliver successful personalised online events to business schools and MBA candidates around the globe. And, in the current climate, where COVID-19 is reducing the opportunity for in-person recruitment, our purpose-built event technology ensures prospective Masters, MBA and EMBA applicants can still interact in diverse formats with the world’s leading universities and business schools.

As we prepare for the next round of events, we have compiled some of the top reasons why recruitment budgets generate a stronger return with us.

1. Quality profiling

The real success of higher education starts when candidates and schools are well matched. At Advent Group, our consultants use our purpose-built profiling software to screen candidates and programmes to ensure quality matching is attained prior to each event. From English language proficiency to work experience, desired start date to selection eligibility, our profiling experts ensure candidates are well matched from the outset.

2. Candidate insight

Personalised online fairs will provide greater insight into candidate behaviour, resulting in more closely matched enquiries and interaction. Schools can also discover the resources candidates find most beneficial, from panel discussions to full presentations and multimedia displays through to downloadable prospectus.

3. Technical support

Virtual events don’t mean there is no face-to-face interaction. At Advent, it’s our people who ensure every one of our online events is a success. From our project managers to our candidate counsellors, marketing teams to IT support, success managers and school assistants, the team behind every virtual fair we hold ensures the events run smoothly and successfully for recruiting teams and candidates alike.

4. Flexibility

Online events are easier to attend - no missed flights, no parking hassle. Instead, registered candidates can log in to the event as soon as it starts, ensuring all parties get a maximum return on the time spent attending. Diverse communication options and interaction formats ensure comfort for a meaningful conversation.



The cutting edge in the field is integrating technology with personal, human-to-human interaction in a new environment.


5. Preparation for success

To help ensure candidates are engaged throughout our online events, the Advent team provides every participating university, business school and candidate with guidance on how to get the most out of our fairs. From preparing for the event, to hosting and follow-up, our team have compiled top tips and advice to ensure all parties enjoy successful virtual fairs.

Our platform is our own

Four years ago, we saw the opportunity to do things differently – so we did! Our team got together and developed a purpose-built platform that enables us to deliver online higher education recruitment events to more than 300 clients worldwide. Over the years, we have continued to refine and develop this platform so our clients and candidates can receive the best experience of an online education fair, wherever they are in the world.

At Advent, we are committed to making education personal. Join us in 2021 for online recruitment with the industry’s most established provider of personalised higher education events.

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