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Virtual but Personal: Boost ROI in Student Recruitment

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Enrolment, especially of an international and diverse class, has emerged as one of higher education’s key challenges in 2020.

Universities are experimenting with digital student recruitment solutions to reach more prospective applicants.

Digital transformation in the sector is not new, although it has surged drastically with the pandemic. However, the cutting edge in the field is integrating technology with personal, human-to-human interaction in a new environment.

The prime value for student recruiters, however, is when they invest their tight budget and valuable time in meeting the best-matching and committed prospects.

Meet prospects who convert

The major ROI factor for student recruiters is meeting qualified and committed prospects. Although even a single conversion to enrolment will guarantee the immediate financial ROI, recruiters always aim to engage with the maximum number of best-matching and motivated candidates. This is only natural, considering the calculated melt between completed applications and enrolled students, as well as the targeted admission rate that illustrates the school’s selectivity, among other intricacies of recruitment.

The client satisfaction rate of 89% for online events (over 95% for some event aspects) highlights that Advent Group are living up to the schools’ expectations. Thorough candidate profiling and management by dedicated in-house experts, before and during the event, ensures that recruiters meet the maximum number of best-matching candidates. The customised platform and professional team, managing all aspects of the event live, enable ad hoc meeting scheduling with all promising candidates, and unparalleled flexibility.

Enjoy quality conversations

The high level of candidate preparation makes meetings with school representatives more focused and effective. Candidate managers personally reach out to guide prospects through event preparation, including diving into school profiles, videos and news.


Overall client satisfaction rate of 89% for online events, and over 95% for some event aspects – Advent Group are living up to the schools’ expectations.


Engage prospects beyond traditional hubs

With the latest reality of remote work and study, prospective MBA and Master’s applicants are no longer concentrated in the business or university hubs where recruiters used to find them. On the other hand, the virtual event format enables you to engage new audiences located beyond the traditional event destinations.

Smart targeting by event marketers increases attendee diversity and connects you to prospective students you would not otherwise meet.


Recruiters meet the maximum number of best-matching Master's, MBA, EMBA candidates due to thorough candidate profiling and management by a dedicated in-house team.


Deliver an immersive experience

A really advanced virtual event format equips recruiters with the tools to deliver a really immersive experience for prospective applicants, all in one place. School ambassadors such as successful alumni or star faculty members, a colleague recruiter, or a career centre adviser can enhance the school presentation and create multiple touchpoints with prospects during the online event.

This intense and diverse human-to-human interaction adds an extra layer of engagement to the student experience on top of the traditional one-to-one meetings and rich-content school materials on the platform.

The top-notch online event format allows you to show, rather than just talk about, your campus culture.



Take your student recruitment to the next level with the tailored technology and education event professionals.


Span communication: before, during, after, but also ad-hoc

Unlock all communication options at the right time to engage qualified candidates. Depending on recruitment style and resources, university teams take advantage of the comms and engagement channels integrated into the event platform to reach out to registered participants before the event. Immediate post-event follow-up is, of course, the ABC of recruitment, so this platform feature is always much appreciated.

An extra perk, ad-hoc real-time candidate engagement helps maximise the event experience. It works two ways and can be initiated by the school representatives to contact candidates, but also by the event attendees to schedule an extra meeting with schools of their choice at a mutually convenient time.

Maximise your time investment

Digital recruitment has its drawbacks and challenges. Recruiters need to speak with candidates in different time zones while they balance other responsibilities at work and at home.

A well planned and managed online event ensures a clear personal schedule. Preset meeting slots give recruiters control over their time. At Advent Group’s events, recruiters can see and edit their own meeting calendar for the day. This way, they know instantly when there need to be any scheduling updates and how much time they have until the next meeting. A dedicated live assistant is available to ensure efficiency.

Virtual, but personal in every aspect, the boutique online recruitment events with Advent Group bring you into the spotlight to boost your ROI. Recruiters and candidates enjoy a highly personalised, efficient and thoroughly supported virtual event because education is fundamentally a personal human-to-human experience.

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