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Where Can Education Events Go Back to Normal?

Events with up to 50 attendees are now possible in Norway and soon to be allowed in Denmark.

Norway and Denmark – countries that went into lockdown relatively early in response to the Covid-19 outbreak – are now starting to return to business as usual which is good news for education event organisers and attendees. Over the next few weeks in May, the Scandinavian countries will take steps to enable public events and to reopen local schools, shops, and restaurants.

Onsite events now possible in Norway

As of 7 May, Norway allows the hosting of events attended by up to 50 people as long as there are additional protective measures onsite. Two weeks later, events for up to 200 people will be allowed. This is good news for student recruitment officers who are exploring options for attending face-to-face events in a safe environment once again.

You have shown us patience, now it’s our turn to give back. That is why we are presenting a plan to reopen Norway, a plan to take back everyday life.” This is how Norway’s prime minister Erna Solberg addressed the country last week, indicating a hopeful transition to a new normal.

Denmark enables physical gatherings from 8 June

According to the current plan in Denmark, a maximum of 50 people will be able to gather starting from 8 June. Denmark has entered the second phase of reopening some of the country’s facilities and businesses. Restaurants, cafés, and shops are now allowed to operate again while schools from sixth to 10th grade will reopen later in May.

The Financial Times quoted a model published by the Danish health authorities which showed that “the spread of the virus was likely to slow even if most of society was reopened so long as social distancing of two metres was maintained.

Student recruitment events to be hosted onsite and online

University recruiters and prospective graduate school applicants can expect to have different options for joining education events in the coming months as the rest of Europe also prepares to get back to everyday life.

Admissions teams can already book recruitment events around the world while keeping their options open. Organised by Advent Group, the Access MBA and Access Masters One-to-One events will be available in two formats – online and onsite – on two separate dates for every event location. It will be up to each university to choose their format as the event date approaches. Discuss your options and plan your event attendance.

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