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Resume In-person Recruitment Events in Switzerland

Public events of up to 300 people are allowed.

As new cases of Covid-19 in Switzerland have remained consistently low, local authorities announced that large public gatherings can convene again starting from 6 June.

Restrictions gradually lifted

Universities and summer camps, as well as theatres, cinemas, and concert halls, can reopen under a decision to allow public events of up to 300 people, Reuters reported.

We can enjoy all the things that are now possible again,” President Simonetta Sommaruga said of the eased restrictions. “With today’s decision we can prepare ourselves for a new normality.

On 24 June the Swiss government will further decide whether to lift a ban on events of up to 1,000 people.

Opening borders

Freedom of movement between countries will also continue to improve over the next weeks. This is essential information for universities to communicate with students who might want to come to Switzerland to begin, continue, or finish their studies.

The Swiss government plans to open its borders with Germany, Austria, and France on 15 June, although authorities announced it is too early to open the borders to Italy.

Travel restrictions to and from other Schengen zone countries will also end no later than 6 July. The Swiss Federal Council will decide whether non-European travellers can enter the Schengen Area on the same date.

Changes concerning foreigners

International students or other foreigners who are planning to enter Switzerland might need to look over current conditions. Universities should actively and transparently communicate information to support their student communities. Schengen Visa Info summed up the latest changes:

  • School pupils and students will be permitted to enter Switzerland to begin, continue or finish their studies, no matter what their nationality is, as long as their education and further training lasts more than 90 days.

  • Family reunification will be possible again for all those who have a permanent residence permit, a residence permit, a short-stay permit or who have been temporarily admitted to Switzerland, under the usual conditions.

  • Applications will be processed again for a short stay permit filed by those who wish to get married or enter into a registered partnership with a Swiss or with a foreign national, who holds a Swiss residence or permanent residence permit.

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