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How to Continue International Recruitment During Covid?

Prioritising safety during the pandemic, calls for new approaches to connecting higher education with prospective students.

Founder and CEO of Advent Group, Christophe Coutat, reveals how the flagship Access MBA and Masters One-to-One events enable business schools and universities to continue international recruitment during the coronavirus pandemic.

How has the pandemic affected recruitment events?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted interaction to an online environment. At Advent Group, we place a premium on the safety of our clients, candidates, and teams. We keep a personalised approach whatever the medium.

Universities and aspiring students need to stay connected now more than ever. We are making it possible to safely deliver MBA and graduate school leads to admissions offices over the entire year.

Have you shifted MBA and Masters One-to-One events online and how successfully?

I am very proud that our team made a very swift transition, but we were ready for it. We’ve been running One-to-One online meetings, school webinars, thematic or regional online events since 2017, and have organised over 100 events. After we started this development in 2016, we tested various technologies and finally built our own digital platform in 2018 to integrate all communications features for all our brands.

However, the worthwhile online events experience for admissions teams and prospective students lies beyond any technology. The human touch and expertise we have in-house is an outstanding differentiation factor.

What other recruitment strategies work best online?

Reaching out to engage highly targeted audience online is another pillar for recruitment today.

In 2019, we built a unique MBA matching AI-powered platform, Unimy, available for Masters programmes in September 2020 for 1000 business schools. It attracts really motivated MBA prospects who research their business school options in-depth combing matching tools, cultural fit mapping and interaction with alumni and admissions representatives.

Our Access Digital education marketing services are steadily growing and widely experimented to provide targeted traffic and interest in our partner schools.

What are your approaches while recruitment gets back to a new normal?

Our upcoming MBA and Masters One-to-One events are available in-person or online to enable all participants to stay safe, but also stay connected and not put their growth on hold.

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