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Coronavirus Impact on Chinese Students and Agents

China is the leading source of students abroad.

The Covid-19 outbreak is significantly affecting Chinese international students and education agents.

To measure the impact, the Beijing Overseas Study Service Industry Association (BOSSA) has surveyed nearly 100 study-abroad agencies and institutions in China’s international education industry. The majority of Chinese international students use study-abroad education agents and BOSSA agent members account for two-thirds of all Chinese students sent abroad.

China is the leading source of students abroad with a total of 662,100 students in 2018, according to the association.

Key findings:

· The epidemic has caused 40% - 60% of students to be directly blocked in college application, visa, and entry and exit.

· 66% of the agencies forecast a decline in the number of students going abroad this year as a result.

· 64% of students won't change their original plans to study abroad, and 71% won't change their destination despite difficulties.

· Agents indicated that studying abroad is a long-term plan: the overall trend of overseas enrolment will not change.

· 83% of agents believe summer camp recruitment and preparation is affected in 2020.

· Almost 30% of agencies reported students experiencing some form of discrimination, directly or indirectly, while currently abroad, causing prospective students to change their destinations according to their parents’ or counsellors’ discretion.

About the survey

BOSSA and its sub-association COSSA are membership-based organisations made up of study-abroad agencies, education agents and institutions. BOSSA, founded in 2004 in affiliation with Chinese governmental authorities, has a membership base of around 300 study abroad companies, recruitment agents, and institutional international departments, in Beijing and throughout greater China.

The survey includes 100 of BOSSA’s Chinese education agency members; from flagship corporations (New Oriental, AOJI, JJL, EIC) to small-medium enterprises, private consultants, language schools, international departments of schools, and others.

Source: BOSSA

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