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Canada Considers Lifting International Student Travel Restrictions

International students are very important to Canada’s learning environment, society, and economy.

Canada is considering easing travel restrictions for international students in time for the fall 2020 semester, according to a letter obtained by CIC News.

Earlier in 2020, Canada banned international students from entering Canada unless they held a study permit that was valid as of that date. A few days ago, students from the US were added to the list of exemptions, though they must meet certain criteria to be able to enter Canada.

Dialogue about international students

The undated letter is signed by Canada’s immigration minister Marco Mendicino, and health minister, Patty Hajdu, and asks recipients to reply by Friday 24 July, 2020. The purpose of the letter is for the two ministers to engage in a dialogue with Canada’s provincial and territorial governments, as well as designated learning institutions (DLIs), about ways to safely welcome more international students to Canada within the coming months.

In Canada, education falls under provincial and territorial jurisdiction. So when the federal government wants to make a decision on international students, it consults with the provinces and territories to get their input.

Importance of international students

In their letter, the ministers write that they recognise how important international students are to Canada’s learning environment, society, and economy. As such, they are looking to strike a balance between respecting the jurisdiction of the provinces and territories over education, while also maintaining Canada’s special coronavirus measures to limit further spread of Covid-19.

The federal government will issue a public safety guidance on how the country can welcome more international students. The guidance outlines expectations for students, governments, and DLIs in supporting this objective. For example, students will remain required by law to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to Canada.

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